Good Manufacturing Practices

We advise and implement in your company the requirements described in the Manual of Good Manufacturing Practices for Cosmetic products, so that you can demonstrate your commitment to defending the quality and safety of your products.

Declaration of Responsibility for the Manufacturing and Import of Cosmetic Products

Processing, maintaining, modifying, extending and updating the Declaration of Responsibility for the Manufacturing and Import of Cosmetic Products.

1-Checking the documentation necessary for the request for the Responsible Declaration of the manufacturer of cosmetic products (Data of the owner of the activity, Data of the qualified person, Activities to which the responsible declaration refers, Data of the facilities / plants, Categories and cosmetic forms object of the activities in the case of the manufacturing activity, Declaration of the owner of the activity).


2) Payment of fees

3) Management of the AEMPS portal to comply with the requirements of the Responsible Declaration of cosmetic product manufacturers.


4) Provide models of the Responsible Declaration of Manufacturing and / or Import Activities of Cosmetic Products.

Certificates of compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices

Implementing, maintaining and improving the Good Manufacturing Practices system in accordance with ISO 22716


1) Comply with the legal requirements in Spain. Standard UNE-EN.ISO 22716: 2007, the Cosmetics Regulation (R.D. 1599/1997) and the European Cosmetics Regulation 1223/2009.


2) Payment of fees.


3) Laboratory, quality control and deviations (personnel, premises, equipment, raw materials and packaging material, production).


4) Product claims and withdrawal from the market.


5) Subcontracting and waste.