EU Cosmetics Registration


EU Cosmetics Registration

We allow you to introduce your products to the EU market:

Product Information File (PIF)

Cosmetic Product Safety Report.

    • It contains the most important information about the cosmetic product (Description of the cosmetic, Report on the safety of the product Part A + Part B, Manufacturing process, Labeling and Proof of the claimed effect) and shows its characteristics, safety and efficacy.

Cosmetic Product Safety Report (CPSR)

    • It represents the main part of the PIF and is divided into two parts:

      Part A: Information on the safety of the cosmetic product (quantitative and qualitative composition, physicochemical characteristics and stability, microbiological quality of substances, mixtures and the finished product, impurities, traces and information on the packaging material, normal and reasonably foreseeable use, exposure cosmetic product, exposure to substances, description of the toxicological hazard of each ingredient in the finished product, notification of unwanted and serious unwanted effects).

      Part B: Safety assessment of the cosmetic product (conclusion of the safety assessment, labeling with warnings and instructions for use, scientific reasoning, credentials of the safety assessor and approval of part B).

Review of composition, labels and claims

    • Review of the composition of each product and of the tests that demonstrate the claims of the cosmetic product according to the EU Regulation No. 655/2013, which establishes the common criteria to which the claims relating to cosmetic products must respond.

Notification on the CPMP portal

Any organization wishing to market a cosmetic in Europe must notify it in advance through the European Cosmetic Product Notification Portal (CPNP). The use of the CPNP is mandatory since July 11, 2013. It is a web page that can only be used by Responsible Persons and the competent authorities to access information on a specific product.

Responsible Person Service

Regulation EU 1223/2009 requires the designation of a Responsible Person for any cosmetic product that is marketed in Europe. This figure acts as a point of contact with the competent health authorities, acting as guarantor of the conformity of the cosmetic product, ensuring compliance with all the relevant obligations established in this Regulation.