R+D Projects


New In Vitro Protocols

Designing and developing a new in vitro protocol to determine the Sun Protection Factor


This project consists of designing and developing a new protocol to determine the sun protection factor (SPF) in cosmetic products intended to protect the skin from sun exposure. Thus, the aim is to replace the current in vivo studies carried out in healthy human panelists with in vitro studies carried out on human skin explants, in order to achieve an in vitro protocol that substitutes the skin damage caused by this type of test in human panelists.


Developing this new methodology represents a major breakthrough at market level. The successful achievement of objectives, partly due to co-funding from the Government of Castile-La Mancha and the European Union through FEDER funds, will allow ZURKO to assume greater leadership within the ISO task force for the standardization of in vitro trials for determining the sun protection factor, and ensure that this work serves as a basis for creating an a posteriori international standard.