In the current situation in which we live, the integrity of our hands’ skin barrier is particularly compromised because of the increased hygiene of these, and the barrier function of our skin is therefore altered.

Many of us will have noticed these days the worsening of the appearance of our hands, dry appearance, scaling, feeling of tightness, itching, and even in more severe cases the appearance of eczemas.

To preserve the good state of our skin, we emphasize the importance of assessing the dermo protective effect of cosmetic products that we use on our day-to-day basis.

The assessment of the dermo protective action of a cosmetic product can be carried out in several ways depending on the product typology:

  • Hygiene and washing products: we will assess the maintenance of the characteristics of good skin.
  • Treatment products: we will assess the improvement of skin conditions and increased protection against the effect of external agents.

Key parameters of interest to approach in the assessment

  • Hydration
  • Skin pH
  • Transepidermal water loss
  • Clinical assessment of abnormalities present on the skin surface
  • User assessment of satisfaction and sensations perceived after use of the product

Finally, in order to keep our hands in good shape, we recommend the use of gentle washing products, drying them very well later, and applying hydrating cream often.

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