Microbiome: in vivo assays


Today, the skin was considered as an organ that protects our body from environmental external agents.

We now know that this is not just a physical barrier.

All of our skin is an invisible community of micro-organisms, unique for each person, who plays a key role in their characteristics: the MICROBIOTA.

The genome of the microbiota is the MICROBIOME.

Today the skin is understood as a very complex ecosystem in which a large number of micro-organisms live together (bacteria, yeasts, fungus, and virus). Under adequate conditions, these microorganisms live in our skin in a balanced manner, generating beneficial effects such as skin pH regulation, immune system regulation, preservation of the skin barrier, among many others.

This, therefore, drives a new understanding of the skin and, consequently, a new innovative way of looking after it.

This is a topic that is now being cared for by the skin microbiome, which is a matter of concern to the cosmetic industry formulators. And many products are looking to fulfill this claim.

Types of ingredients linked to the microbiome:

Substances generated by probiotic micro-organisms with nutritional, metabolic, and immune effects.

There is also a wide range of cosmetic products that seek care for the microbiome, where we can highlight:

Micellar water, facial hydrating cream, body cream, repairing/ calming serum, deodorants, and feet, bathing gels, hand liquid soap, lipstick balm, intimate hygiene gels, shampoos, emulsions, oils, among many more…

The current trend is that products intended to treat the aging process of our skin are headed towards an increasingly personalized cosmetics, focused not only on treating the skin but also on the neurotransmitters that correlate with it. This concerns increasingly specialized products focusing on caring for our microbiome and exposome, as well as skin pathologies such as acne, atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, and allergies, as deregulation of the microbiome and the immune system of the skin, has been observed.

In Zurko Research, we are kept informed of the latest trends and advances in the cosmetic sector, so that we can offer personalized studies for innovative products, helping to demonstrate their effectiveness and safety, with the latest technology in the field of in vivo testing.

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