The irruption of coronavirus has made the world change its customs within weeks. It’s made us change our routines and we’re moving to a new reality.

The virus can be present in lots of surfaces from our day to day, when we go out on the street, either at work, shopping or walking the dog, environments in which he is able to survive for long periods. This has led us to take steps to combat it and to ensure the safety of society.

In recent days, they have been multiplied to respond to activities that may already begin to lift the blind after almost two months of paron, cleaning and disinfection are becoming the best allies. That is why we need to know the cleaning and disinfection processes so that we can carry them properly.

First of all, we have to differentiate that cleaning and disinfecting is not the same. In cleaning, water and soap is applied on an surface, while, in disinfection, a chemical is applied with the intention of killing germs, such as Covid-19.

This is why a surface can be very clean in our eyes, but still contaminated.

Once we have the clean surface, we must make sure that the disinfectant we use is the right one, so the following codes must be shown on the labelling:

  • EN13697 or EN16615: it indicates that it eliminates fungi and bacteria.
  • EN14476: it indicates that it eliminates the viruses.

It is recommended to follow manufacturers’ instructions for effective and safe disinfection.

Zurko is accredited by ISO 17025 and all our efficacy tests comply with BPR standard and any health application legislation. We also have a wide range of Biocidal Services, of which are highlighted:

  • Human hygiene: Antiseptics and disinfectants in areas: medical, surgical and hospital.
  • Areas and Environmental: Surface disinfection, equipment, and instrumental in areas: industrial, institutional, food, veterinary and domestic.
  • Textile, pests and other: Conservatives, protectors, pesticides, repellents and water treatment.
  • Medical device: Disinfection of health products (Non-invasive Class IIa, invasive Class IIb, complete support to obtain CE marking).
  • And many more services…

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