HPV and other types of infections (vaginitis and vaginosis)

  • epithelization of cervical lesions (reversal of cervical ectropion)
  • composition of vaginal microbiota
  • vaginal health index
  • vaginal pH
  • itching and/or stinging


  • Investigator-assessed time to healing of all non-aborted genital herpes/molluscum lesions
  • proportion of patients with aborted lesions
  • time to resolution of all symptoms, including burning, pain, tingling, itching, and tenderness
  • number of papular lesions

Vaginal lubricant

  • Vaginal health index (vaginal moisture, vaginal fluid volume, vaginal elasticity, condition of vaginal mucus and vaginal pH)
  • Vaginal discomfort index (vaginal dryness, vaginal or vulvar itching or irritation; painful urination; bleeding after sexual activity)