Sun products in vitro studies


The damage caused by the incidence of the sun on the skin is very well known, especially exposure to Uva and Uvb rays of the sun causes damage such as premature aging and wrinkles, dryness, dilated pores, blemishes and loss of elasticity.

The UVB rays are the causes of skin redness, causing burns which, after long periods of exposure, can lead to skin cancer through the formation of melanomas. The Uva rays penetrate the skin deeper and are the cause of the tanning effect, but they are associated in the short term to the development of photoallergenicity and, in the long term, of the skin photoaging.

The products with sunscreen are the main allies to enjoy the sun not only in summer but throughout the year. The evaluation of the solar protection factor of our product can also be developed through in vitro methodology, which, these days, is a reliable alternative that allows us to continue developing products with a tested sunscreen.

In Zurko, we have experience and knowledge for the development of these techniques, as we are part of the International Working Group ISO/TC 217-WG7, for the standardization of an international reference method.

Through in-vitro techniques, you can value your product protection factor, both SPF as UVA, the photostability of filters incorporated into your formula, the water and touch resistance of your product, before you launch yourself into an in vivo studio.

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